Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday night - 3/2

Monday night - 3/2

Thanks to my faithful prayer warrior team, I am -- back home again in Indiana.

Friday was "free day". Some of the team went sight seeing, others went to the beach, RJ taught a seminar at Exodo on building a successful family, and other guys decided to do a couple of projects at the school for the mentally challenged. Team member Lisa and I spent the afternoon with Leila and Pastor David's wife, Martha. We all just wanted one more time to say good-bye.

We had hoped to go to the Baby House, but it just didn't work out this year. We did go to an art market and saw some nice things and had lunch at a local restaurant with great food. The most "fun" was getting lost and being awed by the 43 years of experience of traffic and city travel that was shared between Leila and Martha. They had no clue where we were a couple of times! I think it was the most frightened that Lisa had been the entire trip! We laughed so hard my face hurt! But - they are like Ted. As long as there is gas in the tank - they are not really lost.

We did make it back to Leila's home and enjoyed good-bye hugs from Bety. She had made Ted a bread pudding and wrapped it securely for the flight back to the US. Ted felt very special and has really enjoyed the treat. He did have to give a couple of pieces to Larry and Howard that were on the team. (but their pieces were small!)

Just like I asked for you to pray for....the flight from El Salvador was smooth and uneventful as was the flight from Houston to Indy. We were delayed in taking off - and only about 30 minutes late landing at Indpls. Ted was waiting and it was a quick pick up and whisk home. With the warm truck and fire in the fireplace when I got home, I barely realized the temperature was about 25 degrees.

There was this strange lethargy that hit during Sunday evening services at church. I had it last year so I sort of expected it. I don' think it is going to be as bad this time. (It lasted a week last year!) I just need to stay busy and try not to cry so much.

Sorry, I have not downloaded the 462 photos yet either. I am trying to pace my emotions not to entangle them with this spiritual and physical tiredness. I know the photos will make me cry as I remember the faces and the stories. I need to take care of that emotion in private for a while, so resting and viewing a few photos a day will help. Hopefully next week I will have a slide show (Smile Box) I can send to those that are interested. If you would like to see the photos, drop me an email and let me know. My email is

So - today will end the blog saga of my 2 weeks in El Salvador. I hope you received a blessing from the things I've shared. Please know how very important you have been to the success and answers to prayer for myself and the entire teams on both missions. I hope you too will have an opportunity to do something like this someday soon, and I can reciprocate and pray for you.

Serving God "outside your box" is life changing, to say that least. I could not have had this wonderful trip if it hadn't been for your prayers.

So for now dearest ones....Hasta Luego --- see you later. And may God bless each of you abundantly.

If not before, I will see you on the others side - just over the threshold of glory. Let's do lunch --- a couple million times!

I love you all!


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