Sunday, February 28, 2010

Countdown To Lift Off

Sunday before we are to leave was a good day.

Carol was able to show a short video I made for her of Salvadoran kids, to show to the kids in Jr. Church at Southeast Baptist Tabernacle and answer some of their questions. She was blessed by donations for her to take on the mission from the Jr Church kids. Now they are invested in our Great Adventure! Their promise to pray for us is fuel to our tank!

Sunday evening at Cornerstone was great. Before our Bible study, Pastor Brian allowed me to show video slide shows of last year's mission with Leila and also Bridges of Hope projects. I shared with the congregation the tentative plans we have and answered a few questions as well. I was so blessed after service to have the ladies gather around and prayed for Carol and me. They even included Ted in their prayers. I have a feeling he and Ray are going to get so much attention they may not want their wives to return!

I also was able to give out cards with Carol and my picture on them and the blog address. Hopefully folks will keep informed of God's plans as they unfold for us.

The are photos of Carol and myself and also a photo of Todd McNabb giving me a hug. The hug is for me to deliver to his mother, Leila! WILL DO, TODD!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Year #3 To El Salvador

HOLA! It is now officially crunch time preparing for the 2010 trip to El Salvador.
I am blessed, yet again, that Ted is willing to send me for 2 separate mission trips again this year.

My first week will be with Missionary Friend, Leila McNabb. I will arrive on March 6th at about 1 PM their time. I think they are only an hour behind us in Indiana.

The second mission assignment will begin with Bridges of Hope on Saturday the 13th. Actually the rest of the team arrives at 9 PM and should be at the hotel at around 11 PM. They will be exhausted - so no events are scheduled until Sunday afternoon.

Biggest change this year....I AM SO EXCITED!!! My sister is going with me --- for BOTH weeks!
So I will be blogging for 2 this year. Although sis is a few years older, I feel sort of like a mom this time. Just watching and hearing her enthusiasm this past few weeks in preparation is like watching one of your kids anticipating vacation time --- only so much better!

Carol's friends at her church have really gotten involved with the missions we will do. We get to serve together!!! We will be presenting children's evangelism for the first week. We both join Leila's group - Women Of Faith In Action (WOFIA). Leila has an agenda set and she will keep us busy. We will be speaking in churches and a school as well as ministering to women and children in a hospital.

The second week (13th-20th) we will serve in lots of humanitarian outreach projects - including at least one child evangelism outreach. More on those things later.

For now - if you are viewing this - please pray for Carol and me as we prepare for LIFT OFF on the 6th. Lots of packing to do. So many last minute details to remember. Pray for our flight to be on time and uneventful - for the luggage to make it to El Salvador when we do - and for us to stay healthy and safe. Oh, pray for our hubbies, Ted and Ray as the batch it for a couple of weeks.

Check in with the blog often. I hope to keep it updated. Looking forward to every surprise God has waiting for us. You are on our team now..... And we need you!!!

OH, 1 more thing. My wonderful hubby just bought me a laptop to take to ES. Pray I figure this thing out in the next week!!!