Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arrival in El Salvador

Hola from sunny (hot) El Salvador. It was snowing when I left Indy and 85 when I landed.

The plane trip was good. Having Janet and Dave Michel as my traveling companions was perfect! I discovered I am totally co-dependent on someone - and SO blessed that God encouraged them to return to Indiana from Columbia on Feb. 12th - just in time to return to escort me to Central America on the 14th! All I needed to do was follow them like a puppy through the huge Houston airport. However we did have about a 7 hour layover before leaving for El Salvador (ES), so I think I might have found the right gate in that length of time....just thankful I didn't have to try.

We arrived in ES about 9 PM. Going through customs went better than expected and ALL of my luggage arrived! I could see my beautiful white-haired "amiga" from quite a distance. She is easy to spot in an El Salvadoran crowd! It was so comforting to see her waiting!
I thank each of you for your prayers and I give God total praise and glory for them being answered. Good job Prayer Warriors! Keep up the good work - PLEASE!!!
My first day in ES was great! Church, KFC chicken for lunch with new friends, a trip to GOD's DREAM RANCH! and eating a authentic ES pupusa was a perfect day.
It was about a 2 hour trip to the ranch -- and our friend Amilgar was our chauffer. It is an amazing place. The property is yet to be purchased -- but that is simply a small detail to God. When you hear Leila and see the property - you can SEE - there is a knowing in your heart that to be involved will this has blessings to huge for our our minds to just want to be a part of it! SO-get on board this VICTORY Train with Leila. Please join us in prayer that this vision of God's will be a reality soon....there is such a need. As the prayer momentum builds we are sure to witness miracle after miracle! Many things have already been happening to give confirmation.

Prayer Request: God to fill me with a clear mind centered on HIM as I have been asked to speak to the ladies at Leila´s church on Monday evening.

Dios bendiga (God Bless)

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  1. Hooray! You made it and so did your luggage. We'll be checking the blog everyday and the kids are excited to stay updated on your journey. You are close in our hearts and prayers daily. We love you.