Friday, February 20, 2009


What prayer warriors I have! Thank you, thank you....gracias!!!

Jesus and I were up till 3:45 this morning having the BEST time with preparing for the Pastor´s wifes event. I was so excited by the time Jesus said good-night that I could hardly sleep! I was amazed that I had the energy to get up at 7:30. I think I was running on pure adrenalin.

The meeting went very well. There were 22 attending. Leila said usually 10-12 meet, but they had invited others to join them today. They were all so sweet. There was 1 gentleman. He participated right along with everyone else.

The Great Adventure Club will be pleased that another group of people now respond to E.W.I.T.B.I.A.T. (Every Word In The Bible IS....ABSOLUTELY TRUE!) I told them about our kids club and how they respond. About 3 times of prompting and they were yelling ABSOLUTELY TRUE in Spanish words. I worked it in to the message and demonstration several times and they soon caught on to respond just like the kids in Indiana. It was so cute! Central America agrees!

One more speaking engagement and then on to the next mission week with Bridges of Hope.

I attended my first birthday party in ES. They like cake too!

I need to repack for the presentation I do again on Saturday afternoon, and also for the move to the Comfort Inn. I will miss the good home cooking Bety has given me.

  • Pray for the people that were encouraged with the message on children´s ministry today, that they are obedient to God and the direction HE wants to take them.
  • Pray for those that will attend the meeting on Saturday - at 2-4 PM to be encouraged to seek the children and increase their ministry impact to the youth.
  • Pray for the swelling in my feet and ankles to go down (I must not be drinking enough water - mytoes look like sausage links!)
  • Pray for the water to come in tonight (water to the homes in this area is a problem) - selfishly - I would like to shower before going to the meeting.
  • Pray for the safety of the Bridges of Hope team as they will be traveling to ES on Saturday.

Not sure if I will be posting on Sunday. Depends on how busy the business center is in the hotel.

Stay tuned, same time same Bat Channel....oops - that´s son Brian´s blog. Check out

Love you all! To God be the glory!!!!

PS - the spell checker doesn´t work as it is set up for spanish on this computer. Go figure.

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  1. Emmalea -

    Sounds like God is really blessing your trip - professions of faith and that divine encounter with the newborn that will "just happen" to go to a home for babies run by Leila's friend . . . too awesome!

    Take care of yourself. Put your feet up at night and drink plenty. It is probably the heat - but you need to be careful. Just because Brian is Batman doesn't mean you are Super Woman! LOL

    Praying for you - Elaine