Thursday, February 19, 2009


God SO blessed our travels today! At a couple of points, I thought my next step might usher me to the threshold of heaven´s gate!

Leila is sound asleep so I can´t get details of the city name etc, so I won´t try to fool you into thinking I knew where I traveled to today...but it was about 2 hours from San Salvador. I really miss my hubby, Ted. He is the one that knows where we are and where we´ve been in our travels. I only remember people we met and memory making events along the way. Pray he comes next year so you geography buffs will glean a deeper knowledge of this country - or make plans to come with us!

Our 2 hour travel took us to a children´s hospital where Leila´s team, Women of Faith In Action, went into...ACTION! There is so much to share - but you will have to be content with a couple of highlights.

Counting me, our faithful driver, Amilgar, delivered 7 ladies on the appointed rounds God had already planned for us. We took toys that the kids from Indian Creek Intermediate School and some neigbors sent, along with baby "onsies" from special friends in a MOPS group, photo clients, neighbors and friends. THANK YOU one and all. You can never imagine the difference your thoughtfulness has made in lives here in ES.

My part of the action team went to the maternity ward. There were probably 50 or more beds crammed so close together that we could barely squeeze through in single file. Young women and newborns nestled together in the same bed, most with a relative or 2 at their bedside. I observed a staff of 6-8 attending to the women´s needs. The new mothers breast feeding and taking care of all their new born´s needs as best they could in the stifling heat.

Leila and her assistant shared the gospel with with nearly half of the women and their families! I took photos, joined them for prayer and was able to share a few things with some of the families with Leila´s help. I witnessed God at work in this place as many prayed to receive Christ as Savior! There are so many stories, not just the team I was with - but the other ladies as well. As we were preparing to leave, 5 construction workers prayed to receive Christ! We saw babies in their first day of their new life - and people now beginning a new life in Christ! How special is that!?

Just befor leaving the hospital, I was honored to pray for a tiny malnourished baby that had been abanondoned - given up - no mother - no father and with no belongings - excpet the items we left for her. Thank God for the caring doctor and nurses. Seing her made me think of an "Angel". I prayed for someone to be able to adopt her - for a home full of hope and promise and for her to come to Christ at an early age.

We found out that if she begins to thrive, she will be taken to the "Baby House" which is run by friends of Leila´s! This child is very special to my heart. I am praying that God will allow me to know her better some day. I praise God for the doctor that asked us to pray for her.

There were other exciting things that happened as well today. We were gone from 9 AM till 11:30 PM - so I have had no time to finalize my presentation for the Pastor´s Wives in less than 8 hours from now! Its OK - that means it is truly God that will be running the seminar!

Yikes! As I typed that I realized I still had to do something to help HIM - so I better go get to work. 7:30 AM and Emmalea aren´t often used in the same sentence so I better go! I am so thankful that I have the "I CAN PLAN '' (I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me!-Philippians 4:13)

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for all those whose lives have been changed by the power of God since I have arrived in ES. Pray for the new born baby to thrive and to be placed in a loving Chirsitan home - Pray for God to fill me up and pour HIMSELF out as I speak on Friday and Saturday - to encourage Christians here in ES to see children as God does and to reach out and touch young lives for HIS glory and their good.

"PRAY with out ceasing."-1 Thessalonians 5:17


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