Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today was quite a great adventure! Pastor Dave, his wife, Martha, Leila, and a new El Salvadoran friend, Danielle visited the "local" volcano. ES is surrounded by mountains and many of them are volcanoes. This one´s top blew off decades ago and is still quite a site to see. Hang tough and I will add a photo or 2 to this posting in a couple of days, so check back. Danielle is 20 and lived here in ES most of her life. She had never been to the volcano. I totally understand how that could be --- since I was an adult with kids before I went to the Indianpolis 500 Speedway. She is improving language skills so being with 4 North Americans speaking to each other and interaction with her was a dream come true. (That wasn´t her words at all - but, hey, we are such a fun bunch of old folks - the experience had to be great!)

It was Danni, Dave and myself that walked over 2 hours around the volcano rim, while Leila and Martha waited patiently. I cannot even begin to describe what a rough trail it was. Just when about the time we were feeling like we were pretty amazing by blazing the rough terrain, we met ES natives coming down the trail with at least 20 pound bundles of spinach balanced on their heads..."hiking" in flip flops! They graciously accepted our salvation tracts and a kind word of encouragement as we squeezed by each otheron the tight trail. I can say, buenos dias!

Pastor Dave did get the opportunity to share the salvation message personally with 2 men, Alfredo and Vecenta. We pray that they will recieve Christ as Savior. It was neat to hear Vicenta say he believed it was not by chance that we talked with him. He had an intersting job. He helped build and now maintains the TV station tower on the volcano. Talk about a scary job! He said that El Salvadorans are good working at great heights. I cannot imagine climbing up that tower to change a light bulb!

When we returned to the car, Leila told us about the people they had met and that God allowed her to present the gospel and leading a young boy to Christ. His mother was from the Ukraine! It was a great day!

I was surprized at church service tonight. I was expected to speak but had not got the message to do so, and was not prepared. But, that was God´s plan all along. Leila and I quickly began praying that if God wanted me to speak, HE would let me know. HE did! The message Pastor Dave was giving spoke strongly to my heart and I was able to share about my heart surgery and tie it in well with his message on love, faith, and hope. I only spoke about 10 minutes but then David continued for a great service. The people of the church are so engaging, sweet and sincere. I felt right at home.

  • PRAYER REQUESTS: Thursday morning, we have a group going to a children´s hospital about 2 hours from here. We will be passing out toys and baby shirt onesies, and most importantly offering hope and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for healing for these little ones and salvation for their faimilies.
  • Pray for our saftey as we travel as well.
  • Pray for the 2 meeting that I will be speaking in. One is Friday to a group of Pastor´s wives and guests and the 2nd - is Saturday. I will be speakin on children´s ministry; what the Bible says about children; and asking all the adults be my kids in class to show them how much fun it can be for the kids as well as the workers. I love my sister Carol, who taught me that way to train others, and I thank Kelly and Leisa who have given the opportunity to me to play with kids pretty often. I MISS YOU and he leaders and kids. (and my husband)
  • The Great Adventure Club starts at Indian creek Intermediate school on Thursday. It starts at 3:15 Please pray that everything goes better than we could ever imagine and every worker, child and thier folks are pleased and will come back next week. Pray they all get excited about JESUS!

That´s it for tonight, I´m tired...zzzzzzzz

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