Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, 2/16

Today was a quiet day for me. There as a death/funeral in Leila´s church. The funeral had to be planned and completed within 24 hours. She was pretty much on call waiting for the funeral to have the all of the permits etc completed. I remember being told last year that most funerals here are completed in 24 hours, but not real sure of the particulars. I just hope they box me up and send me home if the need arrives! Leila said the ground was so hard today (no rain in a couple of months - which is typical. Those at the funeral waited during the digging of the grave. It was hot and humid so a very tiring day for her.

Her church had a women's class at 6 PM and I had been asked to speak. I was really appreciative of the day at "home". I had time to work on the computer to write my message. I was doing that so I could read my notes more easily. I had an idea of what I would speak about - but God totally rearranged my thoughts after the trip to the ranch on Sunday. It was an added blessing to have things written down. To have the message interpreted, I have to speak in short phrases. Having my paper in front of me helped me to keep a bit better concentration and I was less distracted by the spanish being spoken.

I gave gospel bead bracelets to all the ladies (about 20 I think). I read the gospel in spanish to them! They said they understood! I had practiced before the meeting, reading it to the interpreter. She told me not to speak so fast! I had been trained too well, Kelly Neal! She also said that my pronounciation skill was excellent. (Too bad I don't really know what I said!)

I told the group how the Great Adventure Club kids had earned the beads and sent them to them. I showed the club photo as well. They LOVED the bracelets and promised to use them to tell others the salvation message. WOOO-HOO, JESUS!!!

We are going to the ocean on Tuesday - but not to get in the water!! We will witness as God opens the opportunities for us. Leila and I stand more than a head taller than most El Salvadorans and her beautiful white hair is unusual as well. We are quite a sight together, but we are having a blast!

By the way, if any of you reading are coming to El Salvador on Saturday with Bridges of Hope team...bring bug spray! The mosquitos are biting. Ouch!

PRAYER REQUEST: open opportunities to share the salvation message with people we meet at the beach - that we are able to find little Alfredo´s (4) at Blume Children's Hospital easily. We hope to be able to see them on Tuesday evening to deliver some medicines from their USA friend, Sylvia.
To Eternity and BEYOND!!!

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