Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Way to go Prayer Warriors!!! God is honoring your prayers!

Monday night ladies meeting was wonderful. The ladies were so precious and very engaged in the service. My interpreter, Veronica, did a great job. I shared about things God had impressed on me while visiting the ranch on Sunday, and the HOPE we have in Christ is equivilent to the FAITH we have. The 20 or so ladies that attended were so precious and very engaged in the service. There was a prayer time shared with them that was very humbling to be a part of. God really blessed, so thank you for your prayers!

Pastor David, wife Martha, Leila and I traveled to the Pacific Ocean - to a fishing pier. What an experience! I couldn´t even guess how many varieties of fish there were, being gutted, fileted, and dried in the open sun. It not only was a sight to the eyes but also a unique experience for the olfactory senses! BUT-God did open the door for sharing the salvation message with several El Salvadorans.

Please pray for Jesus (hay-soos)- a young boy about 10 or 12. Although he has the given name of our Savior, he did not know about HIM. But his "business colleage", Jorge (or-hay) did. Jorge is a Christian and attends an evangelical church. The boys were selling bracelets and necklaces. Leila is a much softer touch than I, and bought 2 - then gave the bracelets to Martha and me. (Bless her heart!)

This transaction opened up the communication using the gospel bead bracelet I was wearing. Leila shared the salvation message clearly with the boys. I gave my gospel bracelet to Jorge since I only had 1 with me and I felt since Jorge had seen the gospel color presentation, he could use the beads to encourage his friend, and others. Through Leila I told him that the bracelet was free and so was salvation. His smile was worth more than the armful of bracelets he had to offer us!

There was an additional bonus to that presentation. There was a photographer vendor watching and listening. He was very touched by our interaction with the boys. This opened up sharing with him as well. His name is Adam. He said that prayed every day but he hadn´t asked Christ to be his Savior - yet. From his belly pack with his poloroid camera supplies he drew out 10-15 different tracts that people have given him. One looked like it had been carried for years. The "team" explained to Adam which ones had the Truth of God´s Word - and "suggested" which ones he could throw away :o) Adam said he wanted to pray in private. We truly believe Adam will make the decision of a lifetime soon.

Another one of your prayers was answered! We were able to connect with little Alfredo (4) at the Blume Children´s Hospital. There are so many little miracles to share that brought this about. Not only were we able to meet both his mother and father but Leila and I were BOTH allowed to go in to see Alfredo. He was in the process of a 24 hour kidney dialysis. He also now has peritinitis (sp?) infection. He was so weak. He never smiled but shook his head that he know Jesus and that we could pray for him. He closed his eyes as we prayed for healing for him. He is a beautiful little boy.

Angels truly have been flying with us at every juncture. Leila shared a friend of hers says their are some skinny angels that protect us in this crazy traffic! I BELIEVE!!! King's Island and Disney World pale in comparrison to some of the rides through El Salvdor traffic! This week, instead of my usual Woo-Hoo - I have replaced it with Leila´s exclamation of "Alleluia, alleluia!" after an exciting moment during a journey.

It was truly a blessing that Pastor Dave drove to the ocean for us. Leila could more easily throw both arms in the air in praise! \o/ That is a bit disturbing to see while she is driving! (ya gotta love that woman of God!)

We will not be able to visit the Baby House ministry as there are several sick with a bad stomach and intestinal virus. I had so wanted to go. Guess God wanted me to wait till next year to meet Julie and Sam and to hold the babies they are caring for.

Prayer Requests: For Julie and Sam from the Baby House and for the moms and babies that are sick with this virus; for the young boy named Jesus to recieve Christ as Savior; for Jorge to encourage him and share the gospel with others; for Adam to make the decision to receive Christ as Savior; Saftey on our trip to the volcano on Wednesday; for Emmalea´s preparation for - and the message to be presented at the pastor´s college on Satuday.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I couldn´t do this without you! Check on Ted. He said he missed me! Alleluia, Alleluia! \o/

PS - I now have 170 photos on my camera. I don´t want to down load all of them on Leila´s computer each time. I need to check to see if there is another way to to get them off the camera 1 or 2 at a time. I am not a whiz at this like some of you guys, so cut me some slack ;o)

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