Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 2-of the Great Adventure

Today was a GOOD day! We truly enjoyed the praise and worship music at Living Waters Church. Even though we couldn't understand the words - there was an understanding of the hearts that were worshipping together in one accord.

Carol was amazed at the friendliness and servant's hearts. They insisted on carrying even our personal bags from the van into the church. They served us cold bottled water and wrapped candy. We are hard pressed to put into words the gracious welcome we experienced. And - I truly did recognize people I met last year and they did remember me. It didn't seem like a year since I was here with them. One thing that was good to see was the same people serving in the praise band and that there were new faces in the congregation. Even a new baby from the young parents I had prayed with last year. They knew they were having a boy at the time. I prayed for little Johan and today - I met him and gave him a kiss!

The children's church went very well. The kids loved Carol and her presentations. One thing she was surprised about was the length of time the people were eager to spend with the Lord. How many of you would give HIM 3 hours in one service? Our Childern's church was 2 hours of that 3.

The kids were eager to answer questions and participate in the games. Carol did excellent working with our precious interpreter, Veronica. She does a great job and this helps her English skills. We were honored to pray for and with each individual child. They patiently and reverently waited their turn for this blessing. So sweet!

Really roughing it here....we had Pizza Hut pizza for lunch - delivered to Leila's home by motorcycle! Then we were off to the God's Dream Ranch for Boys and Girls. This is not a developed ranch yet - but we believe with Leila that it will be. It was about a 2 hour drive and we saw so much. We walked over some of the property and prayed for the future of the Ranch and the boys that will learn about God and how to be a strong family man willing to serve the Lord. You can truly "see" this as you walk with Leila and hear her pray for God's will.

On the way home Carol had her first treat of PUPUSAS. She will have to tell you about them and we do have photo of them being prepared. 5 of us ate and 4 had drinks. The total bill...$5.55! AMAZING food and amazing price. (Carol treated-big spender!)

PRAYER Requests: Monday evening we will present devotions to the ladies at Living Waters Church. Pray for God's guidance and HIS Words to be spoken to the ladies. Pray for Carol and I as we attempt to sing for them! (and for the ladies that will tolerate us!) We are singing "Count Your Blessings".
Pray for our traveling mercies. Leila will be driving around town to shop for groceries. (Carol eats a LOT!)

Thanks everyone. Hope you feel a part of our trip and included in our warped sense of humor.
We Love you all!!!

Carol and Veronica at work for the Lord!


  1. I have heard you both sing that song before so they are in for a real treat.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. It is such a blessing to be able to "come along" on your trip! The youth has been challenged to remember you, Carol, and the people of El Salvador in their prayers each day! It was neat to see how many remembered most days last week! I can't wait for them to see how God worked and to realize that even though they weren't "on the trip" that they were a part of the mission! Can't wait to see what God is up to tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Brian and Angel. Tell the gang at C-
    stone we feel those prayers. We love telling the folks here about our prayer team. Love you ALL!!!!