Saturday, March 6, 2010


Thank you prayer warriors! WE MADE IT---all the way to El Salvador!!!
We couldn't have asked for a better day.
Didn't over sleep! --- Praise the Lord
Good weather - Praise
Got our seats together! - Praise
Good flight to Atlanta - Praise
Made it to our connecting flight - with time to spare - Praise
Nice young man helped get Carol's bag in the overhead - Praise
By now several people had asked what the EWITBIAT on our shirts stood for
(for those who don't know....Every Word In The Bible Is Absoultely True!)
Carol gave the first gospel bracelet away and explained every bead ---- PRAISE!!
Good flight to El Salvador - PRAISE!
Every one of our bags arrived with us!!! PRAISE!!!!
(Oh, and we were not charged for any bags. Carol and I each checked 2 bags each weighing just under 50 pounds + we each had a 30 pound carry-on. THANK YOU LORD and thank you DELTA!
Customs and Immigration check was slickest I had ever experienced. Woo-Hoo!
And there she was ---- that beautiful white haired angel, Leila! Waiting with her was a night in shining armor - Alex. He helped us lug the ton of luggage about 3 blocks to the van. Carol and I had quite a workout and were sweating like hogs by the time we got to the van. God is so good!

It was a sunny, humid, 80 degrees. WONDERFUL! My feet have officially thawed out!
We stopped at a roadside stand for a cold raw coconut. The top cut off and a straw stuck in through a small hole. Sweet, cold coconut milk. YUM! --- and only 50 cents. Later we had tamales right off the street corner. Carol loved them. Me - not so much, but OK.

Carol is already asleep and I am ready to call it a night at only 10:30 PM --- yep - that is an official miracle.

Please continue the prayers for us as we begin the official ministry at 9 AM. Carol will be conducting the bulk of the children's ministry at Leila´s church. She is so full of joy and enthusiasm and can't wait to share with the kids here about the kids at S.E.B.T. Monday night will be our next speaking engagement with a women's group. I think I mentioned this before - but must reiterate - GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!

Dios Bendiga! (God Bless)

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