Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dias 5-already

Wow - What a day! We were treated to breakfast with the Living Waters church staff. During their staff meeting, it was decided that they wanted me to present the Open Air Campain presentation. This is a gospel presentation that is given while a pre-prepared painting is completed - telling the story with visuals. My home church, Cornerstone supports an Open Air Campaign missionary. He is coming to our church this summer to teach our people how to do this. He had given us a demonstration last summer. Our missionary is so encouraging - saying that anyone can do this --- so I decided to give it a try. Tonight was the night to present it for the first time. God blessed! It went well. One thing that our team here had prayed for, is that someone here would also feel the encouragement to begin a ministry of presenting the Open Air Campaign method of sharing the gospel on the streets of San Salvador and surrounding areas. GOD granted that prayer too! During the presentation one of the ladies (Mary) was taking notes and drawing the picture as I presented. At the end of the evening she came to us and showed us her work, was very excited and wants to do this. She was so happy to take the painting I did to help her plan. I worked with Mary last year and just yesterday at our Women Of Faith In Action team (WOFIA) hospital visitation. She WILL do this! We are multiplying the ranks of Open Air Campaigners! PTL!

Oops - right after breakfast, we went to "The Baby House" and were totally amazed at the work God is doing there. Infants are brought there in nearly grave condition. They are nursed back to health in a short period of time. We saw photo after photo of before and after babies that were each a miracle story. We also learned of a prison ministry Sam and Julie are starting that will train and prepare ex-gang members that have truly repented and come to know Christ as Savior. This program teaches them a trade (making fine quality designer shoes) and eventually sets them up in communities with their own shoe business. There are so many details on how it all works. You can tell that God has gifted Julie and Sam in a mighty way to help people from the tiniest to adults - change their lives.

Before we left for breakfast we had prayed for God to send someone along our pathway that we could encourage or lead to Christ. We had literal mountain top experience as we drove to visit a beautiful volcano. Long story short, we met a young Christian man Carlos and his pastor friend, Orlando. After sharing a few minutes we were led to pray with them and they with us. It was so sweet to be on that mountain with them. These were the only people that literally crossed our path at the volcano. God had answered another prayer. The gentlemen were also interested in the Pastor's institute that Leila's church has. Don't you just a mountain top experiences!

One more blessing....tonight at the service, a young man came in that I recognized. His name is Gerson. Gerson's photo has been on my refrigerator for the past year. His mother gave me the photo when I left El Salvador last year. She asked me to please pray for her son, Gerson, to come to know the Lord, to leave the sinful life he was in. About 3 months ago Leila wrote an email that told me that Gerson had indeed turned his life over to God and repented. I was able to see him and received a sincere hug! Also I had prayed for Carlos and Jessica and their unborn baby boy last year. Tonight, I got to hold Johan in my arms! What a sweet moment for me and that family. Thanks, Ted for sending me to El Salvador again to receive this blessing.

Oh, yeah, Carol's fine. So wore out from all the blessings that she is sleeping already. She was a great assistant with getting me set up for the painting presentation and cleaning up after me so I could get those sweet hugs and photographs.

PRAYER Requests: BUSY day planned! 7 AM I am suppose to be leading devotions for 90 kids - from grades Kg - 5th. (ME?! At 7AM!!!) PRAY! - then a 1 PM devotion that Carol will conduct for the teens 6th-10th grade. Then we're on again in another church for the evening. Its another hour or so drive I think. I will be presenting the Open Air Campaign gospel painting again. Pray for hearts to be open to receive and to take on the challenge of spreading the word in a unique way. Pray for God's Words and HIS touch in all that is said and done.

Blessings to you all.......


  1. I apologize for not checking in since you left. No excuses just laziness.

    This has truly been a trip aspired by God. I WILL check in tomorrow.

  2. I love reading each night about what God is doing! Thank you for taking us along on your trip!

  3. Thanks, y'all! Unworthy is all I keep feeling...God is SO Good!