Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Day of the Missions

Pupusa (pup-POO-sa) time in the kitchen for Carol and our new friend Lillian. Lillian and Leila have been friends for 24 years. We loved the pupusas and Carol wanted to know how to make them - so Lillian volunteered to teach. Carol had a great time! She stopped every once in a while to write notes. The gals were also kind enough to share secrets about a dessert we had last week. It was a YUMMY day!

Of course it was time for a family photo of the gals after lunch. Carol, Johanna, Leila, Bety, Lillian, Emmalea and Lila saying our good-byes.

Well, here's the team you've been praying for. Back row - Mike, Adam, David, Emmalea,

Middle row - Katie, Carol, Janet, Mark, Juan Ramon, and front row....Kyle.

Pray for safe travel for everyone. Janet heads for Guatemala as Carol and I head home to Indy around 1 PM - hoping to arrive home at 11:35 PM. The rest of the team leave the hotel at 4 AM, flight leaves around 6 AM and hoping on arriving around 4:30 PM. This was a great team that experienced God at work in El Salvador and we were blessed to join HIM.

I will check in with you with another post when I get home. And plan on checking back on the blog in a week or so. I hope to get a slide show added to the blog to show you more photos. But for now...........hasta luego!

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