Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day-6 already

6 AM sure came early! Especially after getting to bed at 2 AM. We made it to the school on time for the 7:00 devotions. We taught the Kg-5th grade first. Great kids! About 120 of them! We shared the gospel through the Wordless Book and taught the 10 commandments through special signs. They did great learning them and most can now tell you them by just asking the number - even out of order. Each elementary student received their own copy of the Wordless Book. These were hand made by ladies from Southeast Baptist Tabernacle. The kids were so excited! Thanks everyone. (Our interpreter was a young man named Joshua. He was a teacher at the school. He was really good and said he LOVED to interpret. It was obvious that the kids loved him and admired his English skills.)

We returned home for Carol's scrumptious meatloaf with the trimmings.Then back to the school for 1:15 devotions with the teens....around 70 teens in all. Our message was about making good choices - and referring to the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) to help us make those right choices. Carol gave a great talk using a cookbook and model car kit for the object lessons. The kids loved it when we gave away some prizes. All the teens received a gospel bracelet. They LOVED them! Thanks Ginn family for providing them. We ended our afternoon presentation by teaching the teens the 10 commandments too. We really had a lot of fun with the teens doing this. Great KIDS! The director, Enrique, insisted we return for a personal visit to his home. We are trying to work that out for next week on our free day. He also insisted that Carol prepare him an American food lunch. It may be a little hard to deal with her when she gets home --now that she is an internationally famous cook! lol

Got back "home" in time to change clothes and get more of our materials and headed off for Santa Anna for a church presentation. We were treated to a lovely home cooked meal in the pleasant company of the director of the board of the Mt. Sinai Church, Pastor Nelson (first name) and his family as well as a new translator, Shelli. I presented the Open Air Campaign painting again. There were over 100 people in the service. As I finished up the painting, I asked how many thought they would like to do this type of evangelism outreach. I think there were about 8 that raised their hands and at least 5 of those were men. I was so excited!!! I also shared my testimony about my adopted gang son, Riser. And how praying for him - eventually brought me to El Salvador 3 years ago. If you don't know that story --- I'll have to share another time- its too long.
Carol ended our evening with giving the youth gospel bracelets and explaining the meaning of the 5 color beads. Then the adults wanted them too! We gave away all the bracelets we had with us - even the ones on our own wrists! It was such a blessing. They promised to share the Gospel story with others using their bracelets.
It was about 9 PM when we got home -- a long day - but a beautiful day of service and joy. It is almost 2 AM again--- and time for our next prayer request:

------ Pray for a solid night sleep for me (Carol is already out like a light-at about 1AM). We have to leave "home" at 7:45 for an 8:15 speaking appointment with area Pastor's Wives. The ladies are also inviting other women interested in Children's ministry. We may have as many as 30 or 40 ladies. Pray for the messages to encourage them. Back by popular demand - is another opportunity to share the OAC pray that goes well. There is another speaker as well. Pray we all are refreshed by her teaching and that she too is encouraged and blessed by the morning service. ALWAYS pray for our safe traveling to and fro. (Driving in Indy is a cinch compared to traffic here!) We have had wonderful divers and a GREAT GOD protectingus!!!

Hasta Luego, Amigos!


  1. Those kids look they are really tuned in and having fun. That's great!! It sounds like you two are extremely busy down there. It sounds like you guys are doing a wonderful job.

    Bible = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

    I've never heard that before! I like that!

  2. I forgot to mention that the teens were learning English so for this presentation they were the ones that had to struggle to understand us. It was fun to see them interpreting for fellow classmates from time to time. So using B-I-B-L-E worked. Otherwise I would have had to come up with an acronym for BIBLICA in Spanish. The acronym thing doesn't work well in Spanish. lol BTW - I didn't make up the B-I-B-L-E acronym. But have taught it to kids for years.