Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 3

Hey, guess what --- we found a Wal-mart in El Salvador!!!

Leila needed groceries for the week and we just missed Walmart -so we are all were happy.

Just so you know - prices are higher here on most everything we saw - but fruit. I also knew that Carol was showing some withdrawl signs from not being a hostess and cooking. (God delivered me from that problem several years ago - Thank you LORD!) Anyway, Carol will be cooking for the family and a few guests on Wednesday -- meatloaf, potatoes, carrots and gravy...Indiana style. Our hosts are in for a treat, aren't they?

We also visited a unique market place full of fresh flowers, handmade clothing and gifts, meats, fruits and vegetables. I was strong and bought no trinkets - however you are tempted because the people really need the business and they are so proud of their craftsmanship as well as the desire to serve their family's needs. But Carol really needed a pinata....

We spent quite a bit of time in prayer for the ladies meeting that I was to speak in. God truly blessed me with a message on hunger and thirst that came from my Bible study I am trying to keep up with while on the trip. (Thank you Beth Moore!) It was received well. The gals here are so precious and truly seeking all they can get from the Savior. Carol gave her testimony of her salvation. The Lord asked Carol and I not to sing together - instead we included the chorus Allelujia. Although it is only 1 repeated word, it was perfect to honor HIM and to do so with our new sisters in Christ.

I guess to sum up our evening with them and the Lord in one word it would be - WOW! We feel a bit like Mary must have felt; there are so many blessings and so few words to describe (although I do try, don't I?) we are left with pondering it all in our hearts. [Now, don't you wish you would have come.]

Prayer requests: Tomorrow (Tuesday) we travel quite a distance to a hospital. There we will give many of the gifts YOU have sent with us to children and new mothers. Pastor David and another interpreter, Jaimie will be taking us. We will be praying for many and sharing the gospel with them. Pray for those that God has chosen for us to minister His message. Pray for safe travel and our vehicle to run well.

Buenos Noches (good night!)

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