Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 8-changing gears

Off to the 4th church in our Great Adventure. We left for San Migel around 10 AM. Arrived on time and were greeted warmly not only by the people but also the weather. This was by far the hottest place we have been so far this week. We've been truly blessed with beautiful weather and some air conditioning in the vans.

Our trip up was entertaining. We had 10 in the van - 2 were 11 year olds that spoke no English but talked to Carol and me the entire trip...actually it was probably the best Spanish class we could have had. They really wanted to communicate and were determined to learn some English and teach us some Spanish. Nayhomy and Mauricio became our good friends after nearly 5 hours in the van together. SOOO CUTE! Any of you that have met "Righty and Lefty" can appreciate some of the entertainment that we shared.

It was Carol and my grand finale to a great week. Carol did a great demo on the Gospel colors and how to incorporate them into games. She turned the audience of around 50-60 adults into young kids. The all seemed to enjoy being a kid again.

I also presented the AOC painting with the salvation message and couple of other things. The people were great with participation. We were sad to leave so soon, but had to get back to San Salvador for the orientation meeting for our mission team for Bridges of Hope (BOH).

We were so busy to get things done today and because of our tight schedule, the last time we thought to eat was breakfast at 8 AM; so at 7 PM, the Pizza Hut pizza hit the spot!

It was good to finally meet the BOH team. Besides Carol and me, we have 2 other ladies, and 5 guys. There is a young married couple (Kyle and Katie) and a father/son team. All live on the northside of Indy so we are excited to meet new friends and serve with them. Carol and I are definitely the grandmothers for the team.

The photos are during the seminar, and one of me and Veronica. She has been our interpreter during 3 meetings this week. Please pray for her husband, Emer. He has diabetes and recently had surgery on his neck. The wound is not healing as fast as it should. They also are in great need of a car.

Prayer Request: For the swelling of my leg and ankle to go down - for the team to really bond quickly so that we an work well together and accomplish much for the Lord. Please continue to pray for our safety as we travel throughout El Salvador. Please pray for our projects to go smoothly and for the opportunity to share Christ with many.

Thanks everyone! We love you!

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