Tuesday, March 9, 2010


That's Leila and Betty at the market, Carol in the kitchen, and Pastor David at the hospital.
(my apologies for not being able to add the photos in the body of the blog update.)
A trip to the market was quite a treat. This was more than a fruit and veggie stand. Craftsmen of all types also were making and selling their wares. (Actually, this is where Carol found the pinata that she couldn't live without.) That's Leila on the left and Bety peeking over the top of the squash. We were probably in the market for 30-40 minutes and was a great cultural experience.
Our day 4 started early with a 90 minute drive to Chaletango, to visit the hospital and minister to patients. We were warmly welcomed by the administrators and the staff. We spoke with men women boys and girls. Several prayed to receive Christ! Between the 9 of us on the team, we passed out well over 100 tracts and had many personal conversations with patients and visitors in the hospital. Carol remarked it was a step back in time for her....like photos she has seen of hospitals in the 50's. Nurses even wore white uniforms and nurses caps.
That's Pastor David Hammonds speaking with a man that prayed to receive Christ. He is gravely ill and said he was fighting for his life. It was obvious that was true. He was eager to hear the gospel and to receive salvation. That may have been the reason God sent the team there today.
We stopped at El Salvador's favorite fast food restaurant, Pollo Camparo. Its like KFC - but don't tell most El Salvadorans that. They love this chicken. In fact, when they travel to the USA they bring boxes of it on the plane. Last year the pilot announced over the PA that the smell was making him hungry and wondered if anyone would share with him. A resounding "NO" came from the crowd. (9 of us ate today for $25) Not bad -- and that included drinks.
You can see in the photo Carol is right at home in any kitchen. (It's her special gift) She prepared her delicious potato soup for the family tonight. Yummmm! Our hosts said, "Bien!" She still has a meatloaf promised and is preparing it to be placed in the freezer for later this week.
Prayer Request: Safe travel for tomorrow (wednesday). Good fellowship with the staff at Living Waters Church. They are serving us breakfast. Then travel to a volcano (witnessing while there) and church service in the evening. We get to listen and enjoy the uplifting praise music again.
Thank you for your faithfullness to pray for us. Especially for the teens at C-stone in Trafalgar. Thank you for your prayers kids! Love you all.


  1. I'm so glad you made it there safe and sound. It's only been a few days and you've done so much, already! It's been fun reading about what you and Carol have been up to since arriving. It's fantastic to hear about people coming to Christ while you are there, as well.

    Reading about all this great food is making me hungry.

    Staying tuned and praying for you all daily. Hope the rest of your trip goes as well as it has so far. Sounds great!!

  2. hi my friend, you have a GREAT BLOG!!! I am a friend from Greece


    The site above is my site. Please visit me my friends of wonderful El Salvador!!!

  3. Great to hear from 2 supporters today. Brian A - your prayers are so appreciated! and we will certainly check out the blog of our new friend in greece. No time tonight though. Early morning ministry meeting at a Christian school. (@7 AM!)