Thursday, March 4, 2010

I can feel 85 degrees

Looking at some photos from last year to remind myself of what where we will be in just 2 days!!!!

OK - it's Thursday and 2 out of 4 bags are packed for me - Carol is at about the same progress. At this point we are weighing bags and redistributing the weight to get the most in. Our carry-on and "don't-get-bored" bags are all that is left to work on.

Nerves are twinging - not fear - just "Did we pack everything, where are the tickets and passports...." stuff like that. (Extra prayers, por favor. [please])

HEY - Ted is hooked up the laptop he got me to SKYPE and he is on too. So we can talk over the internet FREE. He even bought a camera for the laptop so he can see me. Believe me - that will not be that much of a treat after working outside in the heat most days.

We will leave winter in Indiana at 7 AM and arrive in El Salvador at 1 PM and mid 80 temps. Woo-HOO!!! My feet will finally thaw out!


  1. God's blessings, Emmalea! Can't wait to hear all that God is going to do in and through you!

    Much love,
    Sarah <><

  2. Thanks Sarah. Your Dana has been an inspiration. We will probably share the SSTN 10 commandment exercise on Monday night for the first time this trip. They loved it last year.